The Stories Behind the Songs

Song for Julia

I created this song as a gift for a client’s wife. He wanted it in time for her birthday, but the lyrics and the song choice (John Legend’s All of Me) meant that it turned into a very romantic piece. Serendipitously, her birthday is the same week as Valentine’s Day!

I wasn’t given a great deal of information on Julia at first as my client was only briefly available and wrote in direct messaging on social media. This meant that every bit of information was so valuable. I knew where they where they met, that Julia was a big fan of The Notebook movie, and that exciting events were happening in her daughter’s life. So that’s what I chose to customize. Oh, and that she sometimes affectionately says “love you to the moon and back”, so I had to use that!

All of Me is a wonderfully accessible song. Even though John Legend wrote the original with his wife in mind, the lyrics speak the language of love and transcend its original context to apply to anyone who feels love for their partner.