How can I help?

My aim is to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you need someone to provide a voice for a narration or song, fit your lyrics to specific music, or write and perform a custom song for a special event or business milestone, I will use my unique skillset to help showcase yours.

Is there something audio related you need that’s not listed here? Drop me a line and I’ll see whether I or any of my contacts can assist.


Custom Songs

Personalised songs are one of the most versatile ways to get a message across … and they’re a lot of fun too!

In addition to radio jingles and online ads, I’ve helped businesses celebrate a record-breaking year, establish brand identities for YouTube videos and podcasts, and produce a series of social media earworms.

It’s also not just businesses: birthdays, stag and hen dos, weddings, anniversaries, funerals … if you can imagine it, I can help craft and perform a song about it.

Personal Cover Songs

Personal songs can be written about anything: whether it’s a special occasion, specific event, or milestone, I can write and perform a song about it (or sing lyrics you’ve written yourself).



Whether I write new lyrics or proofread existing ones, I help ensure that you take the audience along for the ride.

It’s important not to confuse or distract your audience with odd phrasing or unfamiliar terms. My background in opera and musical theatre means I’ve performed numerous songs and dealt with a lot of translations. I’ll bring my experience and creativity  to your work while being sensitive to the rhythm and phrasing of your song.

I have written and proofread lyrics for musicians from across the globe, including Canada, Spain, Germany, Greece, and the UK.



Through narration, I help you find a voice for your product, project, or brand.

Narration can come in many forms. I have helped clients create custom telephone instructions, recorded scripts for e-learning and explainer videos for YouTube and social media, and presented for corporate events and commercials. I have also voiced audiobooks.

If you have a product or service to promote, or have a story to tell, I’d be happy to give it a voice.

Toreador, Carmen (photo by Stewart McPherson)


Voice Acting & Singing

If you have a song or character in mind, I would love to make your ideas a reality!

Performing on stage and screen is a big part of my life, and I am delighted to use this skill to help businesses and personal projects. Some of my most memorable jobs are voice acting, such as singing rock songs in Icelandic, singing the lead in a draconic opera, voicing a toy teddy bear, and reading the diary of a clergyman for a museum exhibition

Children's Songs

One of my most popular gigs,
this music never goes out of style!

I can provide children’s songs for commercial use (such as a YouTube animation or an app), personal playback, or even write a song based on your suggestions. 

Characters & Choruses

There’s always a need for character voices: video games, animations, museum exhibitions … you name it, audio can enhance it! I’m also happy to produce music to be layered with others, or I can harmonize with myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

By default, I will provide audio files in MP3 format, which works with most programs and can be easily converted. If you require high quality and don’t mind the additional file size, then Wav files are excellent and are compatible with most programs. Beyond these, let me know what you need and I will more than likely be able to provide the files in that format.

Yes, I can compose music and score it using my computer software, voice, and/or guitar.

Yes, I can sync the recording to an existing video or presentation.  Just let me know if you require this service, and provide a guide in terms of timings you want so I can pace the recording correctly to suit your needs. Because this takes more time and precision, there is an additional charge for this service.

Yes, I can record audio for your presentation and add it to each slide with timings so that it can be played back with or without the user clicking between each slide. Just let me know what user experience you want for your audience. There is an additional charge for this service because of the time involved.

If there’s a problem with the performance, I am happy to correct it free of charge. However, if there is a problem with the original script or new material that needs added, an additional charge will apply.

It depends on what service you require and who your audience is. 

All voice overs and songs comes with Commercial Rights, which allow you to promote your product or service in non-paid commercial channels. If you need to use it to advertise your product or service through paid channels such as Radio, TV or paid Internet marketing, then you need Broadcast Rights, which I can  provide at an additional charge.