The Stories Behind the Songs

Wellerman Fantasy

If one song encapsulates the 2020-2021 blur, it has to be the Wellerman. This folk song was performed in 2021 by Nathan Evans and took the world by storm.

At the same time, I was finding solitude from the world at large with YouTube videos and podcasts. I enjoy passive listening, so chatter about football, music or board gaming is very peaceful to me. The other big topic though that keeps my interest is roleplaying, especially Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I really enjoyed spending time with two groups in particular; the cast of Critical Role and the cast of The Guild. The latter had reunited during lockdown to play D&D online with a guest Dungeon Master.  

While watching an episode of The Guild Plays D&D with guest DM @ThatBronzeGirl, I found myself rhyming lines of the plot to the Wellerman. I enjoy summarizing and this seemed a fun challenge. The result is ‘Baldev’s Son’.