Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.


With an authentic British accent and over two decades of experience performing on stage and in the recording studio, I can strike just the right tone for any professional or personal project:

News + Updates

  • This past month it’s been great to work with OmniPay to develop a parody song (yes, OmniPay can!) and the charity Brain Tumour Support to create an original song to help encourage everyone to sparkle up their day.
  • I was honoured to be interviewed by See No Bounds for creating their original countdown composition. Many thanks to Val and John for joining in!
  • The winners of my birthday song giveaway have been notified, and I’m look forward to crafting a unique song for a special person in your life.
  • And I’m going to be offering a new song package from now until the end of the year for those who want to lock in great prices. Stay tuned for details!

About Me

Creative and reliable, with an analytical ear and a lyrical, baritone voice.

With a background in musical theatre and a head full of ideas, I love creating different vocal options and lyrics for clients to choose from to enhance their projects. I work best by helping others bring their audio ideas to life.

What I Do

I help clients give their project a voice, whether that’s by providing an e-learning narration, a custom song to brighten a special event, or ensuring that lyrics hit just the right note. My goal is to make audio easy, fun, and uniquely yours.

Personalised parodies and original songs are perfect for business or personal use. Earworms are my specialty!

Ensure your own lyrics flow smoothly with proofreading, or get in touch to discuss my writing services.

Available for projects ranging from telephone instructions to e-learning modules and everything in between! 

Use my baritone voice and stage background to create characters or perform your chosen songs.

Featured Work

Fujitsu ACT

An explainer voiceover for a national ticketing service.

I was given time prompts by Fujitsu to sync my voice to the animations to promote their new service, Account Based Ticketing. This is the first of two videos I have created for them.

Custom song written and sung to support the work of a charity
10 e-learning modules recorded & synced to PowerPoint
Everything else
Character voice for a museum's summer exhibition

My Clients

One of the things I love about voice work is being able to develop projects with people who are just down the street or around the world. Wherever you’re located, I can almost guarantee that I have an audio service for you!


I am a 5-star rated seller on Fiverr and strive to ensure that each client receives top-notch service. Whether you want lyrics proofread, a custom song written and performed for you, or something in between, keep scrolling to let me know more about your audio project.