The Stories Behind the Songs

All Is Forgiven

Twitter is an enjoyable Social Media tool because I tend to fill it with joyous tweets. I find it balances out the news stories and political updates. Aside from the pictures of artwork and cute videos of animals, the most inspiring tweets I get are from writers such as Gordana Biernat. Their wisdom and positivity shine off the screen.

As I was thinking of what to create music for, I read Gordana’s latest tweet about grief and felt compelled to adapt it to music. The quote explains how we can learn to let go of unexpressed emotions once it is too late to tell someone how much we love them. It’s both both a sad topic and a beautiful one.

For the music, I let the words guide me, the chords and melody finding the rhythm of the verse. It was an enjoyable, very visual experience, as Gordana’s words are so positive and spiritual. Finally, I added instruments, playing with percussion, piano and bass. This version has a latin grove that picks up in the middle section, but it could just as easily be left with just a piano. As for harmonies, it didn’t feel right to add any. I just let the words speak for themselves.