Reviewing Puss in Boots

I was very pleased to be asked to review Tessitoura’s latest production. If you’re anything like me, then you will be a bit sketchy on the story of Puss in Boots and get it mixed up with other storybook cats and that version of Puss in Boots from a popular an animated movie franchise. Like … Read More

Playing Doctor Bartolo

A post-production review:  Opera with a pinch of improvisation! Photo courtesy of Dajana Kovac. It is said that the best way to move on from one project is to start another and that was certainly the case after performing in TITCo’s production of Into the Woods. With Tessitoura’s production of Barber of Seville I had … Read More

Playing Doctor Bartolo

This week, I will perform with Tessitoura, a Bristol-based opera company that performs in unique spaces with a small but very talented group of singers and musicians.  This project is Rossini’s masterpiece, The Barber of Seville (1816). It follows the fortunes of The Count Almaviva, Rosina, Doctor Bartolo, Don Basilio to name but a few. … Read More

Marriage of Figaro

Performing the part of Figaro in Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro as part of Tessitoura’s touring production in 2012. Photo by Roxy Harris.

Figaro is the fiance of Suzanna and is appalled when he learns that the Count wishes to have his way with Suzanna. Figaro schemes but it is the plans of the Countess and Suzanna that finally put things to rights. Although his is the title role, it is the Count and Countess that take the spotlight whilst Suzanna does most of the stage work.

The music is sublime, especially the ensemble singing of the Act II and III finales. I have been lucky enough to perform this role with two different groups and have enjoyed it immensely both times. From an acting perspective, Figaro talks and acts with confidence, but is emotionally thrown by events on several occassions and shows his jealousy and feelings of betrayal.

Don Giovanni

Performing the part of Masetto in Mozart’s Don Giovanni as part of Tessitoura’s touring production in 2013. Photo by Eleanor Murray.

Masetto is a young, jealous man who suspects that his fiance Zerlina will have a fling with Don Giovanni. It is a relatively small role, and all scenes are ensemble but his character is flawed, which makes him interesting to play.

Magic Flute

Taking on the role of Papageno in Mozart’s Magic Flute during Tessitoura’s touring production of 2011. Photo by Zoe Bartlett.

The role is challenging because he is the comic relief of the plot and the audience is supposed root for him. Luckily, Mozart helps the performer with some wonderful duets and aria.

Hansel and Gretel

Here I am performing the part of Father in the dress rehearsal for Tessitoura’s production of Hansel and Gretel in June, 2014. Photo by Dajana Kovac.

This was a fun role but surprisingly nerve-wracking as it involved waiting around for his one big scene with Mother. The character’s main role is really to provide exposition as to what the children can expect to find in the woods, but he comes home drunk and can be played with a degree of anger and menace, but also with a degree of comedy.