The Repair Shop

This is a tribute to the BBC’s inspirational program, The Repair Shop and its many talented craft experts that mend precious personal artefacts for people.

During the  COVID lockdowns, we happily consumed many, many episodes of The Repair Shop. We delighted in the stories of the objects owners, and how the crafts people always found a way to bring their objects back to their former glory.

Because so many people provide their skill and talents to the show, I created a series of mini-songs dedicated to each of the regular repair shop specialists. Coming up with the style and lyrics for each was a fun challenge.

My Partner, who loves the show just as much as I do, wrote a blog article about life lessons that we can take from the show.


Lionesses Bring It Home

I created this song to celebrate England Women Football Team’s triumph in the Euro 2022 tournament. It is the first time England has the won a major footballing tournament since 1966 and the first ever time for the women’s game. This is my tribute to the Lionesses’ incredible achievement.

I created the music and lyrics.
I do not own the copyright to the photos used in the video.

Verse 1:
While we were frying in July
In prowls the Lionesses
Fighting with the best and brightest
European sides

The stage is set, the games begin
Say, can you hear the people sing?!
The stadium’s roaring
With a Continental din.

Then why, can this Lioness pride fly?
What takes their game above ‘just try’?
Who lifts their eyes towards the sky?


In Wiegman we trust
In Wiegman we’re treated
Cause under Wiegman we’re undefeated Earps is/Mary’s a must
And Mead’s golden-booted
England, it’s coming home.

Verse 2:
In Game 1, Austria, they had a go
But the England team said, no!
Mead scored the only goal
And Stanway ran the show

In Game 2, Norway couldn’t close the door
The England forwards wanted more
Beth Mead bagged a hattrick
Eight nil the final score

In Game 3, Northern Ireland, tried to survive
But Russo took her chances
Another win as England scored five


Verse 3:
In the Quarters, Spanish passing was sublime
One goal down, but Bright denied them any more
And Stanway’s screamer won the tie

In the Semis, Sweden kept it at stalemate
Until Mead turned on a plate
Kirby was top class
And Russo’s flick so great

Got Bronze, and now they’re for the gold
Taking on the best of foes
Will they play or will they fold?!


Verse 4:
In the Final, Germany were without Popp But that didn’t stop their team
From slowing England in their tracks.

Walsh was the architect supreme
When Toone’s super-scoop succeeded
Kelly scored the winner
Completing the dream!

And now, that the tournament is won
What next for Wiegman’s girls?
Well, hold on,
Cause they’re taking on the world!


Cardigan Bay Holiday in Song

This track is a musical and lyrical take on my trip to the Cardigan Bay area, Wales in April 2022. It was a lovely change of pace for us and a chance to explore nature and the incredible scenery this area has in abundance. Towns such as Lampeter, Aberaeron and Cardigan were also great escapes and combined culture, with fantastic cakes and crafts.

The photos in the video are all taken by me, except for the ones of McCowan’s Café, Vlad-Art and Crwst Café, which generously gave me their permission to use in this video.

We’d thoroughly recommend the following places that we visited during our stay in Mid-West Wales: