Playing the Baker

I first came across Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods when my girlfriend at that time (now my wife) was a student at the University of Bristol.  The University’s musical society was putting it on in the student union building.  The whole experience was new to me, from the venue to the musical to the composer. … Read More

Vocal Observations

Lyrics for the composition for $30,000 Bequest For those that are interested, here are the lyrics very much based on Chapter 2 of Mark Twain’s short story. Sally (joyous tune in Bb):Thir-ty thousand dollars!A vast sum, an unthinkable sum!Aleck:  But how to invest it?Sally:   But on what to spend it? Narrator:  There was no … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #8

Musical #1 – $30,000 Bequest Characters: Saladin (Sally) and Electra (Aleck) from Mark Twain‘s short story, The $30,000 Bequest. The story is part of a collection called $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories published in 1906.  According to Buffalo Library, the title story was written in 1904.  In it the author is not only playing with … Read More