The Stories Behind the Songs

Learning from Sondheim

In 2021, I was asked to give a talk  and I choose to focus on the remarkable life of Stephen Soundheim. I was already a fan having watched and performed in his musicals, but I found researching his life to be very inspiring. As the presentation was for a business networking group, I decided to approach it from the perspective of adapting Sondheim’s methods as life lessons.

Here’s a summary of what Sondheim practiced that I believe can be applied to any business or life pursuit. Watch the presentation to learn more about each of these lessons and how they applied to Sondheim’s life.

1.Get a mentor

2.Be genuine

3.Taking a step can lead to greater things

4.Learn from the past but be willing to innovate

5.Do what you love

6.Make sure the client’s brief is specific

7.Make things easy for yourself

8.Make your weakness an asset

9.Challenge yourself

10.Challenge others

11.Timing may be off… Try, try again

12.Embrace uncertainty