Marmite, Mistakes and Mayhem

Post-performance review of performing in White Horse Opera’s production of The Magic Flute Background Performing Magic Flute seems to be a recipe for onstage antics and unpredictability.  The plot is all over the place and has more akin with pantomime than highbrow opera, whilst the characters range from a pious prince and bumbling birdman to … Read More

Movie Musicals – An Evening of Stars

Post-performance review of performing in DMT’s Movie Musicals Concert.  Photos by Emily Holmes. The Preparation After the positive buzz created from DMT’s production of Jekyll and Hyde, it was a pleasure to return for more. The concert’s format was the brainchild of Lucy Upward, who like many others hadn’t performed solos for the group before. … Read More

Reviewing Sondheim’s Company

I’ll Drink to That! Cover image from the Gielgud Theatre’s 2018 production of Sondheim’s Company We knew this was in the pipeline as it was being advertised as far back as December 2017, and my wife and I being big fans both of Stephen Sondheim’s music and of Patti Lupone’s performances, I made sure we … Read More

Out of the Darkness

Post-production review of performing in DMT’s production of Jekyll & Hyde. Feature photo of Spider and some of the Prostitutes from the Red Rat Show week is always an intense experience, which is usually a mixture of emotions, adrenalin and endurance.  The people around you are so important in making that experience not only bearable … Read More

Escape to the Dark Side

Preview as DMT prepares to performs Jekyll and Hyde Photo taken from DMT publicity History It was originally a book published in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson called The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in which London lawyer Gabriel John Utterson investigates the strange link between his friend Dr Jekyll and the … Read More

Cantata Pansophical

Fan collaboration on an epic level Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical  – Album Artwork by Pumpkin Queen and Angela McCain Last year I was involved in a very ambitious project that combined two of my favourite things; singing and roleplaying.  Critical Role has become an online phenomenon, with a ‘bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors’ playing … Read More

Reviewing Hamilton (West End)

Rise Up! Every so often, there comes a musical whose popularity, originality and style sets it apart and it defines a decade as well as transcending its own time. Think the grand epics of Les Mis and Phantom in the 1980s, the gritty, bohemian hit Rent in the 1990s, or the green and yellow dazzle … Read More

Reviewing Sondheim’s Follies

The Art of Staying in Character Cover image from the National Thetre’s 2017 production of Sondheim’s Follies I had the pleasure of watching Dominic Cooke’s professional production of Sondheim’s musical Follies this month at the National Theatre in London. As a spectacle and a production it was astoundingly good. The very open set comprised of … Read More

Reviewing Puss in Boots

I was very pleased to be asked to review Tessitoura’s latest production. If you’re anything like me, then you will be a bit sketchy on the story of Puss in Boots and get it mixed up with other storybook cats and that version of Puss in Boots from a popular an animated movie franchise. Like … Read More