Zoom Call Series

Saying you’ve been ‘Inspired by the pandemic experience’ sounds a bit like saying you’ve been changed forever by an accident. Believe me, what I’m about to discuss is nowhere near as dramatic or life-changing as that.

I created an animated series that was really a by-product of the current world situation. Once the lockdown started in the UK, millions of people were suddenly forced to find ways to connect with the outside world through tools such as Zoom. But the main reason for this series was a way for me as an aspiring voice artist to practice character voices.

There are very few openings for a new character voice actor, especially paid ones. I took a Voice Acting for Animation course in 2019 with Dian Perry and one of the tools we learned to use was creating a voice from a picture of a character. I decided to expand this exercise at home to a series of characters. Once I had recorded some dialogue I asked my wife to critique the voices. She gave me some constructive feedback and volunteered to find me some new characters to test my voice acting on. Before long, we had a shortlist of the most convincing or interesting characters.

Next, my wife created a script for these characters to interact with each other and for the words to be more than just meaningless improvisation. This helped bring them to life and gave the exercise somewhere to go. Since then, I have continued to develop the scripts and record character voices, developing both the voices and characters along the way.

This is a series that I’ll be talking about in more detail over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more Zoom Call content. To watch the current episodes, please go to my Videos page.