Playing the Baker

A post-production review Performing the Baker with Teresa Bray as Baker’s Wife and Jemma Brown as the Witch. The Invitation Theatre Company has completed the show run of Sondheim’s Into the Woods.  So, how did it go? From an overall perspective I have to congratulate everyone involved on what has been a tremendous undertaking and … Read More

War of the Worlds

Performing as Young Journalist in Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds as part of a 2016 The Invitation Theatre Company (TITCo) production.

This is quite an intense show to watch and listen to as it takes place during an invasion of the Earth by martians.  I sang the song Forever Autumn but for the most part was a cipher through which the audience could follow along with the plot.  The biggest stars of this show are undoubtedly the orchestra/band and lighting crew.  The music holds it together and both parts add such a lot to the atmosphere!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Performing the part of Caiaphas, the High Priest in Webber and Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar as part of The Invitation Theatre Company’s 2014 production. Photo by Chris Watkins.

I performed in this musical once before but did not have a great experience from that production and so this was a kind of closure for me and gave me the chance to like this musical again, because it is undoubtedly very good and so inventively done.

The part of Caiaphas is at a very low pitch, which was tough to sing loudly. The role shows the high priest’s determination for self preservation. The music reveals that he is a villain in this story. The interesting thing is in the timespan of the musical he and his group are triumphant. It is only in the longer term that things change.