First Bird of my Day

Inspired by the brilliant  @Hannah Bourne-Taylor , this theme tune is dedicated to the community that starts their day by ‘tweeting’ what bird they’ve seen. Positivity and an affinity with nature are ingredients I’d like more of in my everyday life.

This composition was music-lead. I had the first question (‘what’s your first bird of the day?’) I knew I wanted it to be light and airy, like the subject itself. As I was adding the piano part with bass, I found there were natural hooks and key changes that I felt the song should go in. Writing lyrics to such a musical journey is exciting! Each section had a certain feel. The first was the announcement or subject. The second upbeat section was the context (the best part of the morning is basking in the birdlife). The third part, which steadily progresses in pitch, was the perfect place to list some of the bird species. Finally, the subject section, to book-end the song.

Finally, the flute and clarinet  harmonies gave the music a bird-like flourish at the top end.

Thought Garden Theme Song

When Rachel approached me to create a theme song for her podcast, I was excited by the challenge. It was a personal interviewer-interviewee conversation, but connecting it back to nature and what thoughts the audience could take into their daily lives. Rachel wanted a nature-themed song, but to avoid the cliches such as mimicking birdsong and the expressive flourish of a harp. Instead, she wanted a livelier country vibe that had a connection to nature but also kept its feet firmly on he ground.

We had a couple of passes at creating the right sound, and eventually landed on a hybrid from the ideas. The result was this mellow but upbeat number. Rachel was pleased, and as a listener of her podcast, it gave me much satisfaction to hear it introduce and conclude the episodes.

Rachel Woods is a passionate coach who helps guide clients by helping them discover themselves and where they want to get to. She is also an HR specialist and is can provide invaluable support to HR. professionals. Her Thought Garden podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Listennotes and other streaming services. She is starting a new podcast called We’re Human, launching in September 2022.