40 Voices Challenge #12

Old Man #2 – Young and Old An unexpected song! This poem was written by Charles Kingsley (1819-1875).  It actually appeared at the end of Chapter 2 of Kingsley’s novel, The Water Babies.  You can tell that it is sung by someone elderly describing how things are to one much younger.  As one reader commented, … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #11

Middle-aged Man #2 – The Land of Counterpane This poem was written by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The poem is short and speaks for itself of an child’s imagination running wild whilst laying sick in bed. It is such a personal, touching poem, that I decided to make this a challenge by attempting the author’s own … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #10

Young Man #2 – Lazy Jack This is a fable collected by James Halliwell Orchard Phillips.  It came from Yorkshire, and so for this challenge I’ve decided to narrate with a yorkshire accent.  See what you think about Jack.  I’m not sure ‘lazy’ is quite the word for him. The Yorkshire Accent:In preparing for this … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #9

Boy #2 – A Child’s Dream of a Star This story was written by Charles Dickens in 1850.  According to Bartleby.com Dickens told a biographer that as a child he used to wander at night about a churchyard near their home, with his sister.  This sister died only two years before this story was written. … Read More

40 Voices Challenge

Round 2 After a little Summer break, it’s time to consider what voices to try to add to the 40 Voices Table.  I’ve decided that Round 2 will be based around the theme of Children’s stories and poems.  There is plenty of material to choose from and I hope you find some to your liking.  … Read More

Vocal Observations

Lyrics for the composition for $30,000 Bequest For those that are interested, here are the lyrics very much based on Chapter 2 of Mark Twain’s short story. Sally (joyous tune in Bb):Thir-ty thousand dollars!A vast sum, an unthinkable sum!Aleck:  But how to invest it?Sally:   But on what to spend it? Narrator:  There was no … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #8

Musical #1 – $30,000 Bequest Characters: Saladin (Sally) and Electra (Aleck) from Mark Twain‘s short story, The $30,000 Bequest. The story is part of a collection called $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories published in 1906.  According to Buffalo Library, the title story was written in 1904.  In it the author is not only playing with … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #7

Animal #1 – The Raven From classic writing, I thought I’d go with The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe. So why this poem for the first animal challenge?  Because it is another classic piece (written in 1845) and combines an audiobook style with the chance to enhance it with the sounds of a raven. The … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #6  – part 2

Sound Effect #1 – Scripted and Alternative Takes Last time I introduced the Human Sound Effects recording, in other words, the various noises and changes in sound based on human behaviours.  Using a scene from the movie You’ve Got Mail, I recorded a straight take based on the script.  Now we will add the suggested … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #6 – part 1

Sound Effect #1 (the scripted version) Sound Effects is such a big area, so I’m going to try and cover what I can.  The Voice Over for Animation book (by Jean Ann Wright and MJ Lallo) that I am using suggests the following exercise – to watch a DVD scene with the sound down and … Read More