Reducing Waste as an SA (pt.2)


Today I was a Support Artist (a.k.a. an Extra) again.  In my attempts to reduce waste in an industry that generally places convenience first, I have been bringing my own supplies to the film set.  Armed with cutlery, re-usable coffee cup and Tupperware containers I had previously come away with a few extra plastic containers that I could re-use.  So how did I fare this time around?

Happily, I was able to improve on the previous effort.  For breakfast I filled my Tupperware container with cereal and milk and enjoyed a cup of tea from my reusable cup.  I also used the tea point to top up on liquids throughout the day.  Lunch was a problem last time as the main course is provided in a plastic container.  I decided to ask for the salad option (pulses with cheese and carrots) in my container, and the caterer obliged.  I then asked if I could have the desert from my other container and was delighted when she not only served me a good portion but complemented my efforts.

So it can be done.  I came home having used only what I brought to set.  If more SAs do this, the culture can slowly be changed to one of reduce and reuse of plastic.