40 Voices Challenge

Round 2

After a little Summer break, it’s time to consider what voices to try to add to the 40 Voices Table.  I’ve decided that Round 2 will be based around the theme of Children’s stories and poems.  There is plenty of material to choose from and I hope you find some to your liking.  I’m certainly looking forward to working on them!  Voice Challenges 9-16 will be as follows:

9.   Boy –

Child’s Dream of a Star, Charles Dickens
10. Young Man – Lazy Jack, Fable
11. Middle-Age Man – The Land of Counterpane, by Robert Louis Stevenson
12. Old Man – Young and Old, by Charles Kingsley
13. Woman – The Old Woman in the Wood, A fairy tale of the
Brothers Grimm
14. Sound Effects – Little Dorothy and Toto, by L. Frank Baum
15. Animals – Cat and Mouse in partnership, A fairy tale of
the Brothers Grimm
16. In Song – A scene from Harry Potter, by JK Rowling

So I’d best get to work!  Stay tuned for more voices challenges.