40 Voices Challenge #6 – part 1

Sound Effect #1 (the scripted version)

Sound Effects is such a big area, so I’m going to try and
cover what I can.  The Voice Over for
Animation book (by Jean Ann Wright and MJ Lallo) that I am using suggests the
following exercise – to watch a DVD scene with the sound down and improvising
using your own voices but with a different twist each time.  The twists will be the added sound effects.

The point of the exercise it to work with the microphone
and experiment, changing the position of the mic and modulating the voice
whilst keeping it a consistent level.  I’ll
put the results and my thoughts about the experience of performing each take iin the next blog entry (part 2).

The scene I am going to use for this exercise is from the
movie, You’ve Got Mail (0-46 seconds) as it uses a few different characters and
I don’t know the movie all that well, so I won’t feel quite so inhibited.

Champagne please.

JOE:  Absolut on the rocks with a fresh glass,

KATHLEEN:  A white wine, please.


KATHLEEN:  (very friendly)   Oh,

 JOE:  Hi.

KATHLEEN:  Remember me, from the bookstore?

JOE:  Of course I remember you.

KATHLEEN:  How’s your aunt?

JOE:  Good.
She’s good.  (gets his drink)  I have to deliver this.  I have a very     thirsty date.  She’s part

Kathleen laughs.

It’s Joe, isn’t it?

JOE:  And you’re Kathleen.

Joe vanishes into the party.

KATHLEEN:  Kathleen Kelly.

2:  Two white wines, please.