40 Voices Challenge #11

Middle-aged Man #2 – The Land of Counterpane

This poem was written by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The poem is short and speaks for itself of an
child’s imagination running wild whilst laying sick in bed.

It is such a personal, touching poem, that I decided to
make this a challenge by attempting the author’s own voice.  I thought, what if the grown-up poet, Robert
Louis Stevenson was reading this poem aloud…

The author is from Edinburgh.  This is a rich, Scottish accent, where the Ts
are often dropped in place of glottal-stops and the Rs are rarely if ever
rolled.  It’s more common to roll the R
just once (a tapped R).  Some other
points worth noting:

“Oo” sounds is the
same as “u” sound, unlike with many English accents.
“O” sound in words like such as “coupon” would be almost
“Ea” sound in words such as ‘Head’ are pronounced “ee”.
“I” sound in words such as ‘if’ become “eh” and are very
Some heavy articulation on consonants such as ‘B’s and ‘G’s
(e.g. Burgular, Beautiful).

Finally, there is very little mouth movement,
really.  The words generally have a quick
attack to start but a soft ending.

The poem (text):