40 Voices Challenge

Round 2

After a little Summer break, it’s time to consider what voices to try to add to the 40 Voices Table.  I’ve decided that Round 2 will be based around the theme of Children’s stories and poems.  There is plenty of material to choose from and I hope you find some to your liking.  I’m certainly looking forward to working on them!  Voice Challenges 9-16 will be as follows:

9.   Boy –

Child’s Dream of a Star, Charles Dickens
10. Young Man – Lazy Jack, Fable
11. Middle-Age Man – The Land of Counterpane, by Robert Louis Stevenson
12. Old Man – Young and Old, by Charles Kingsley
13. Woman – The Old Woman in the Wood, A fairy tale of the
Brothers Grimm
14. Sound Effects – Little Dorothy and Toto, by L. Frank Baum
15. Animals – Cat and Mouse in partnership, A fairy tale of
the Brothers Grimm
16. In Song – A scene from Harry Potter, by JK Rowling

So I’d best get to work!  Stay tuned for more voices challenges.

Vocal Observations

Lyrics for the composition for $30,000 Bequest

For those that are interested, here are the lyrics very much based on Chapter 2 of Mark Twain’s short story.

Sally (joyous tune in Bb):
thousand dollars!
A vast sum, an unthinkable
Aleck:  But how to
invest it?
Sally:   But on what
to spend it?

Narrator:  There was no
romance-reading that night. The children took themselves away early, for their
parents were silent, distraught, and strangely unentertaining.Two pencils had
been busy during that hour—note-making; in the way of plans. It was Sally who
broke the stillness at last… :

Sally (romantic tune):
Ah, it’ll be grand, Aleck!
Out of the first thousand
we’ll have a horse and a buggy
And tools for the winter

Aleck (logic tune):
Out of the capital?
Nothing of the kind.
Not even if it was a million!

Sally (logic tune):
Oh, Aleck!   We’ve always worked so hard.
We’ve scrimped and now we are
rich, it seems…

Aleck (romantic tune):
… We must not spend the
capital, dear,
it would not be wise.
But, out of the income from

Sally (romantic tune, overlapping Aleck’s part):
That will answer, that will
answer, Aleck!
How dear and good you are!
We can spend that noble income

Aleck (logic tune):
Not all of it, dear,
not all of it,
but you can spend a part, –
that is
a reasonable part.
But the whole of the capital
every penny must be
put – right to work,
and – kept at it.
You – see that, don’t you?

Sally (logic tune):
Why, ye-s, of course.

Sally (go west pattern):
But we’ll have to wait so
Six months before interest’s

 Aleck (logic tune):
Yes—maybe longer.

Sally (logic tune):
Longer, Aleck? Why?
Don’t they pay half-yearly?

Aleck (logic tune):
I sha’n’t invest in that way.

Sally (logic tune):
What way, then?

Aleck (logic tune – key change):
For big returns.

Sally (logic tune):
Big. That’s good.
Go on, Aleck.
What is it?

(romantic tune):

Coal. The new mines.
I mean to put in ten thousand.
Ground floor. When we
we’ll get three shares for


By George, but it sounds good,
Then the shares will be worth
How much?
And when?

They’ll pay ten per cent.
about a year.
Worth thirty thousand.
See, in the paper, here.

Sally (speculation, on same note):   
Land, thirty thousand for
ten—in a year?!

Sally (cascade style):
I’ll write and subscribe right
tomorrow it maybe too late.

Don’t lose your head, Sal(ly)
Till we have the money we must

Why, Aleck, we’ll have it, soon, you
I bet they’re digging his grave and
I think we…

How can you, Sally!

Aleck: (minor prog.):
Don’t talk in that way
it is perfectly scandalous.

Oh, well, make it a halo,
if you like,
I don’t care for him,
I was only just talking.
Can’t you let a person talk?

But why should you talk in that way?
How would you feel if it was

Not likely for a while
and I wouldn’t be so vile
to try and hurt someone

Sally (building up tune):
but never mind, Tilbury,
Let’s talk about something
Shall we write out a cheque
To the mine for all thirty?

Too risky —that’s
the objection.

All right, if you say so.
What about the other twenty?
Oh Aleck, where will that go?

Aleck (calming):
There is
no hurry;
I am going to look around
before I do anything with it.

Sally (resolution):
right, if your mind’s made up…

Sally (logic):
There’ll be twenty thou- sand
profit coming from the ten
about a year from now.
We can spend that, then?

No, dear, it won’t sell high
Not at first, so you can spend
a part of that

only that
and a whole year to wait!
Confound it!

(logic tune):

Oh, do be patient!
It might even be declared
in three months—it’s quite possible.

Sally (building):
jolly! oh, thanks!
It’ll be three thousand—three
whole thousand!
how much of it can we spend,
Make it liberal!
do, dear,
Make it liberal!
Do, that’s a good fellow.

Narrator:  Aleck was pleased; so
pleased that she yielded to the pressure and conceded a sum which her judgment
told her was a foolish extravagance—a thousand dollars. Sally kissed her half a
dozen times and even in that way could not express all his joy and
thankfulness. This new access of gratitude and affection carried Aleck quite
beyond the bounds of prudence, and before she could restrain herself she had
made her darling another grant:

Sally (romantic tune):
I want to hug you!

The Nightmare
Before Christmas-style dialogue

Sally (listing in one note)
church-pew—stem-winder—new teeth—say, Aleck!


Are you Ciphering away?
Will the other twenty thousand be invested today?

Not right now, we’ve time there’s
no need to knee-jerk
First we’ll pull all the profits
from the coal mines to work!

Scott, what a head!
I never thought of that.
How are you getting along?
What have you arrived at?

Not very far;
two years or three.
I’ve turned it over twice;
once in oil and once in wheat.

Why, Aleck, it’s splendid! How
does it aggregate?

Well, to be on the safe side, about a hundred and eigh –
-ty thousand clear, though it will probably be more.

My! Isn’t it wonderful? Luck has come to our door,
And you know, in return, we ought to dispense
Three hundred to the missionaries
And damn the expense!

Aleck (cascade,
slow, weepy tune):

That noble thing, will bring so much
You couldn’t do better, my
unselfish boy.

(Logic background
tune but in a major scale)