40 Voices Challenge

Round 2 After a little Summer break, it’s time to consider what voices to try to add to the 40 Voices Table.  I’ve decided that Round 2 will be based around the theme of Children’s stories and poems.  There is plenty of material to choose from and I hope you find some to your liking.  … Read More

Die Fledermaus

Performing as the part of the Gabriel von Eisenstein, in Strauss II’s Die Fledermaus (The Bat), as part of White Horse Opera’s 2015-16 production. Photo by Chrissie Higgs.

The music is very well known and tuneful and there is humour throughout. As with most of things I do, it was translated into English by the legendary Graham Billing (back row in yellow waistcoat). As for the character Eisenstein, he is a rich playboy whose friend, Falke, wishes to see him atone for his crimes. Chaos and fun ensue. The part itself has no actual solo, but lots of duets and trios.

Vocal Observations

Lyrics for the composition for $30,000 Bequest For those that are interested, here are the lyrics very much based on Chapter 2 of Mark Twain’s short story. Sally (joyous tune in Bb):Thir-ty thousand dollars!A vast sum, an unthinkable sum!Aleck:  But how to invest it?Sally:   But on what to spend it? Narrator:  There was no … Read More