City of Angels

Performing as one of the members of the Angels City 4 in Coleman and Zippel’s City of Angels, as part of Trowbridge Musical Society’s 2015 production. Photo by Trevor Porter.

This was a treat of a musical to be involved in as the Film Noir plot was clever and the dialogue slick and witty. The music style is predominantly jazzy with the Angels City 4 providing backing with some fiendishly difficult four-part harmonies. It was challenging but excellent fun.

40 Voices Challenge #6  – part 2

Sound Effect #1 – Scripted and Alternative Takes Last time I introduced the Human Sound Effects recording, in other words, the various noises and changes in sound based on human behaviours.  Using a scene from the movie You’ve Got Mail, I recorded a straight take based on the script.  Now we will add the suggested … Read More

40 Voices Challenge #6 – part 1

Sound Effect #1 (the scripted version) Sound Effects is such a big area, so I’m going to try and cover what I can.  The Voice Over for Animation book (by Jean Ann Wright and MJ Lallo) that I am using suggests the following exercise – to watch a DVD scene with the sound down and … Read More

Pride and Prejudice

Performing the part of Mr Bingley in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Cally Smart as part of Holt Dramatic Society’s 2010 production. Photo by Amy Propert.

The dialogue combined with the costumes and regency dancing made for a terrific spectacle. Charles Bingley is a lovely man who means to do good and be polite to everybody. The production was held in the Courts gardens outside of a manor house, which was idyllic. Being an outdoor event the funniest moment was when I had to deliver the line “It is too nice a day to stay indoors” at a time when both audience and cast were soaked from rain.

Voice Acting Demo Update!

Voice Acting Demo-July 2016 Demo updated! Thanks to the 40 Voices Challenge, I have made my first update to my voice-over demo.  I’m encouraged that there is improvement in sound quality and I believe that my voice is demonstrating some versatility.  Oh, so much room for improvement however, so onward to the next challenge!

Pirates of Penzance

Performing the part of Policeman/Pirate in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance as part of The Invitation Theatre Company’s production in 2015. Photo by Chris Watkins.

This was the third production of this fun opera I’d been involved in but the first as a policeman. It is all silly fun with wonderful sing-along melodies throughout.

40 Voices Challenge #5

Woman #1 OK, I’m officially out of any comfort zone I may have had.  My next three challenges, according to the 40 Voices Table, are #5 Woman, #6 Sound Effect and #7 Animal. I have certainly never had any natural curiosity or talent for producing these sounds, so let’s see how things go… The fifth … Read More

Hired Man

Performing the part of John in Goodall’s Hired Man as part of The Invitation Theatre Company’s 2014-15 production. Photo by Chris Watkins.

I played the lead for the first half, when he is a young married man and has moved to a new area to work. It is a personal story set in the early 20th century. In the second half I was in the chorus and became a soldier enduring the first world war. It was a moving show to be involved in at the centenary of the war.

I put on a cumbrian/geordie accent for this. John as a character gets involved in his work but expresses his thoughts to the audience. The trio If I Could at the end of Act I is very powerful and emotional. John’s solo What a Fool I’ve Been is also quite challenging and emotionally charged.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Performing the part of Caiaphas, the High Priest in Webber and Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar as part of The Invitation Theatre Company’s 2014 production. Photo by Chris Watkins.

I performed in this musical once before but did not have a great experience from that production and so this was a kind of closure for me and gave me the chance to like this musical again, because it is undoubtedly very good and so inventively done.

The part of Caiaphas is at a very low pitch, which was tough to sing loudly. The role shows the high priest’s determination for self preservation. The music reveals that he is a villain in this story. The interesting thing is in the timespan of the musical he and his group are triumphant. It is only in the longer term that things change.